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  • We guide and support your subject and career choices
  • Offer an interactive Q/A blog for individual career advice
  • Supply an extensive library of job descriptions with pay levels
  • Offer a wide range of free aptitude and skills advice
  • Continuously build your confirmed CV
  • Free employer head hunting service for jobseeking
  • Destination Data on each cohort of registered students will be available on request to school management from the mrce statistical services division
  • Fees for Students paid for by Registered Schools will be reduced from £5 to £1
  • School staff will be able to use the aptitude and personality profiles to provide more accurate advice on career and course selection
  • Offers lifetime support on advice and job finding
  • Staff at registered schools can use the MRCE facilities for free
  • Fully researched and authentication CVs thereby eliminating the costs of doing this yourself
  • A database of potential recruits searchable for both knowledge and experience
  • Very low recruitment costs
  • Further services offered to existing employees
  • Employer head-hunting service
  • Fully authenticated and certificated CVs with an online database to potential employers
  • Free online personality profile
  • Free online careers guidance
  • Access to a wide variety of aptitude and skill advice
  • Employer head-hunting service

"MRCE CV authentication is a powerful tool for good employment"

> A Nicholson - MD SOLOMAN Ltd (Society of London Manufacturers)

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